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I am loving this one!
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I’m sooooooooo happy with how this turned out, just delighted!!! 🤩

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Wooooo hooooooo
Christmas wrapping papers have arrived in the studio. Big sheets for big presents! Will be selling these folded or rolled. How great are they! First time in the Christmas wrapping department, and I know silver ribbon or natural hemp will be the bom!

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I have been wanting to draw a gang gang cockatoo for a very long time.
How adorable are they!!!
This one will be a slow burn as I plan to illustrate the entire bird from beak to claw!

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New card ranges coming soon
Including this cute baby kookaburra Christmas card.
Collection release dates 1-4 August @life_instyle trade show and online!
So excited and working super hard to bring some beautiful Australian whimsy to you ❤️

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