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Here is a snippet of a gorgeous jersey cow I have finished today. Started her about 5 weeks ago and was really happy to finish it!
Think I will name her Jazzy 🥰

Caran Dache pencil on Hot Press Arches 300gsm

Yes these are the new pencils ! Love love love them !

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🔔New artwork 🔔 ‼️
This is another new artwork I’ve been quietly working away at.
This new work will also be a tea towel.
I couldn’t choose which bird to draw so had to have them both together!
They look great together !
Murphy the Magpie in all his feathers with Nullah the Sulfur-crested Cockatoo!

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Here is a detailed view of our sweet emu’s face, and the name I’ve chosen is Esme 💚 ...

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🔔 This emu needs a name 🔔⁉️
This artwork has just been created over the last few days, this sweet emu (that I’ve had on the drawing board to do list for at least 1 year) is finally here! I love him. Hope you do too!
My arm may drop off!!!
He will be launched @handmadecanberra with a bunch of new artworks in prints & tea towels.
Very excited!

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